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F-220 series laser tube

 Compressed air cooled laser front and rear lens technology is first used in China. The effect of air-cooled system is much higher than that of water-cooled system commonly used in the industry.

 Long-term product testing shows that the gas-cooled technology can ensure that the product not only has high output power, but also the power changes in a narrow range, and the working state of the product is extremely stable.

 The working path of the air cooling system is insulated, and the high pressure fire is completely eliminated.

Product Parameters


Product Features

Laser tube
Laser research and development team
  • POINT 01 Connecting pipe for cooling water jacket

    Metal and non-metal, I can do it!

  • POINT 02 Cooling water jacket

    Small size, big energy!

  • POINT 03 Trimming device

    The spot is stable, the power is adjustable, and the output is higher.

Product Description

Products passed CE international certification

  • Power: U.S. Continental Total Mirror and Output Mirror

  • Long life: make the discharge more stable, the longest life

    can reach 10,000 hours

  • Spot: stable cavity structure, good uniform spot pattern, high


Professional CO2 Laser Tube manufacturer

  • Electrode surface, special plating!

  • Front and rear lens cooling cover, special craft!

  • Stability: The discharge tube is made of imported glass frit from Germany

    and the quality of the whole glass tube is controllable!

Product Advantages

Factory direct sales, more favorable

  • Solve the problem of customer's power loss due to mode changes during use

  • Higher plant capacity and shorter lead times

  • Heavy investment, the product is equipped with the United States

well-known brands in the industry

  • F200 series is small in size, high in power, long in service life and

    convenient to transport.

  • Original low-power cutting machine, the machine can be upgraded

    to medium power cutting machine without modification

  • Significantly improve the cutting thickness and cutting speed of metal and

    non-metal materials

  • F200 series warranty period: 300 days, working life: 10,000 hours

Quality Promise

  • Warranty: 360 days
  • Within 150 days from exit works date on the label, we replace free of charge if the power is less than 80% of the rated power while the user operated according to our manual. The replaced tube will have the same warranty as new ones. The single transportation freight will be afforded by buyer. When the laser tube structure is damaged or changed, we will no be responsible.
  • From 151th day to the 300th days from exit works date on the label , we repair or replace free of charge if the power is less than 75% of rated power while the user accrding to our manuam.     The replaced or repired tube will have same warranty as the one which the buyer purchased first tine from us. the single transportation freight will be afforded by buyer. When the laser laser tube structure is damaged or damaged or changed, we will not be responsible.

Detail Display

Detail Display

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